Angie Pai

Angie Pai is a contemporary artist based in Sydney, Australia. Born in Taiwan, she moved to Australia at a young age and has since established herself as a highly respected artist. Her work spans a variety of mediums including painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Pais' art is known for its unique combination of traditional and contemporary elements, drawing inspiration from her Asian heritage, as well as nature, pop culture, and the human experience. Her works often feature a complex use of colour, intricate patterns, and organic forms, which blend together to create visually and emotionally evocative pieces.

Pai is committed to using her art as a means of promoting cultural exchange and understanding. She has participated in several artist residencies around the world, including in China and South Korea, where she has collaborated with local artists and explored new artistic techniques and traditions. Pai's art continues to evolve and push boundaries, reflecting her ongoing exploration of identity, culture, and artistic creativity. In addition to being the recipient of several prestigious awards and grants, Pais' work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally.




Graduate Diploma in Psychology, The University of Melbourne


Bachelor of Communication, RMIT University

Solo Exhibitions


Listen to Mama, Metro Gallery, Melbourne


Gravity of Thought, Metro Gallery, Melbourne


Silence Doesn't Work For Me, Metro Gallery,Melbourne

Group Exhibitions


Silent Treatment, presented by NIDA & Liminalfor Multicultural Arts Victoria, NIDA, Melbourne

Breath Poetics, curated by Free AssociationsProgram, Bus Projects, Melbourne, Victoria
I will never run out of lies nor love, curated by Nanette Orly & SebastianHenry-Jones, Bus Projects, Melbourne, Victoria


Summer Collection, Metro Gallery, Melbourne


Featured Artist, Sugar Mountain Festival,Melbourne
Who Cares, Shebeen, Melbourne, Australia

Aevoe Arts, curated by James J. Robinson, 524Flinders, Melbourne, Australia



Vogue Australia

Vogue Living

Teeth Magazine


Oyster Magazine

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Liminal Magazine

Telstra Australia

Acclaim Magazine

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